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Find a Cheap Package Holiday

How to Find a Cheap Holiday

An fun and exciting holiday does not have to be hard on the wallet. There are many cheap holiday destinations where you can get more for your pound. Finding affordable places to enjoy time off is not difficult if you know where to look and plan ahead.

The first thing to think about is exchange rates. The pound is currently very strong when compared to many other currencies. For example, in Brazil and Mexico, travellers can get up to 25% more local money to the pound compared to last year. In addition, Poland, Turkey, and Croatia interesting European destinations where you can get more for your money.

Package deals are great for last minute bookings, as they include the flight and accommodation in the price. Last minute flights can be more expensive the closer you get to your departure date. However, if you have some time to plan, booking separate flights and accommodation allows you more choice.

Be sure to shop around for prices using travel search engines such as FlySearch. make sure you use search engines that have ATOL consumer protection, such as FlySearch so that you can book your holiday with peace of mind.

Cheapest Holiday Destinations 2014

Thailand offers incredible beaches (pictured right), fascinating Buddhist temples, delicious exotic food, and friendly people. The best part is that almost everything you do in Thailand costs a fraction of what it would in the UK.

A bit closer to home, Portugal offers stunning scenery, historic cities, and fabulous food at ridiculously low prices. The Euro-crisis has hit Portugal hard, meaning you can find amazing deals on top-notch hotels and restaurants throughout the country.

Bulgaria has always been an affordable destination for ski holidays, as you can find excellent rates for hotel rooms, ski packages, and equipment rental. Enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank in scenic Bulgaria.

Civil unrest in Tunisia has made Tunisia a cheap holiday destination for travellers on a budget. Although you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday here, it is prudent to check the travel updates for Tunisia before booking a holiday here.

Caribbean Cruises
Although, Caribbean cruises may not look as cheap as other destinations on first glance, keep in mind that the price often includes your travel, accommodation, meals, and beverages. In addition, you get to see a number of destinations for one package price.


If you are looking a cheap holiday getaway, our search engine feature can help you find the best deals on a wide range of destinations. Start your search for your next getaway here to enjoy the variety and savings we can offer.

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