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Ski Holidays to Mayrhofen


Mayrhofen is one of Austria’s most famous ski resorts for young people, couples, and families alike. The town is nestled between the Ahorn and Penken mountains, so it offers plenty of outdoor activities year round. In addition, Mayrhofen has one of the coolest vibes out of all the ski resorts in Austria, with a wide range of dining establishments to suit all tastes, and a happening apre-ski scene that starts mid-afternoon and keeps going until the wee hours of the morning.

Ski Resort in Mayrhofen

What to see and do on a Holiday to Mayrhofen

Skiing and snowboarding are the main draws to Mayrhofen for people from around the world. There are pistes for all levels of skiers and riders, including the steepest slope in all of Austria on Penken and a smattering of ski schools with skilled instructors at the bases of both mountains. For snowboarders, the Vans fun park is a great place to try some new moves and meet other riders.

For those looking for a bit of action and excitement on a holiday to Mayrhofen, the resort offers plenty of live music events and exciting bars and nightclubs. The Snowbombing electronic music festival is considered one of the best in Europe, and it takes place every year in April. The White Lounge is another interesting place to visit, as it features a bar and hotel suites carved out of ice inside a giant igloo. There is even a snow patio outside the bar with deck chairs where you can enjoy good drinks and tunes while looking out over the surrounding mountain peaks.

Although summer is much quieter in Mayrhofen, this is still a great time to visit, as there are many opportunities to enjoy the incredible scenery. Visitors can explore the hundreds of hiking trails that make their way around and up the mountains, most of which are clearly marked for easy navigation. In addition, visitors can go mountain biking on the challenging trails, or fishing and swimming in the pure mountain lakes.

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