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Holidays to The Dominican Republic


Located in the Caribbean between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea on the eastern half of the Island of Hispanoila, the Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise, filled with warm sandy beaches and lush mountainous forests. Spanish is the official language here, however, many locals also speak English as well. The national currency is the Dominican peso, with both the U.S. dollar and the Euro commonly used at many tourist attractions and restaurants.

Bravaro beach at Punta Cana

The official time zone here is Atlantic Standard Time, which is 5 hours behind the UK and the same time as New York City and Miami. Flying non-stop between London and the Dominican Republic takes about 8-9hrs depending on the weather and wind speed.


The Dominican Republic is surrounded on three sides by the sea, with the La Romano region in the southwest offering wide sandy beaches and stunning sunsets while the central region of Bonao is filled with quaint mountainside villages nestled at the edge of the Cordillera range.

On the eastern coast, the Punta Cana area is world-renowned thanks to the numerous challenging golf courses and luxurious seaside resorts which provide a romantic, relaxing retreat for holidaymakers.
Set among the mountains of the Dominican Republic is the region of Jarabocoa, home to numerous eco-retreats. Here visitors can rappel down cliffs, go white-water rafting or take a leisurely horseback ride through the expansive forests.

Sanctuary Resort in The Dominican Republic


The year-round climate of in the Dominican Republic is tropical with an annual average temperature of 25 degrees country-wide and 28 degrees at sea level. The rainy season runs from May to November, with hurricanes possible between August and October. Most visitors choose to book Dominican Republic holidays between December and May, when the weather is warm, sunny and relatively dry.

Cost of visiting The Dominican Republic


A Dominican Republic holiday is economical, thanks to the low cost of living and abundance of natural resources. Here are the prices of some common food and drink in the Dominican Republic:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £1.19
Bottle of Water £0.55
Pint of Beer £1.14
Bottle of Wine £11.08

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