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Holidays to Greek Islands


It is hard to think of the Greek islands and not conjure up images of gleaming white sand, neon blue waters, and whitewashed villages perched atop cliffs overlooking the sea. These images definitely ring true of the islands off the coast of Greece. However, Coastline of Santorini
the diversity of the islands here is what draws people back time after time and encourages holidaymakers to explore. From small fishing towns to historic monuments to bustling resorts, you really can do it all on a holiday to the Greek islands.

What to see and do on a Holiday to the Greek Islands

One of the most interesting of the Greek islands is Crete for its varied landscapes, stunning scenery, and unique culture. Here you can recline on the sands of superlative beaches, climb challenging mountain trails, or visit quaint villages nestled in valleys at the feet of mountains. Crete also boasts a rich history that dates back centuries, which can be fully appreciated by touring the Roman ruins, Byzantine churches, and Ottoman baths scattered around the island.

If your vision of the ideal holiday is soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach by day and dancing until dawn with other revellers in the evening, than Mykonos is the perfect destination for you. Corfu CoastlineThis popular holiday hotspot boasts kilometres of soft golden sands with plenty of sun loungers and parasols for hire, bustling streets lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines, and a killer nightlife that does not stop until the last dancer drops.

Peace, quiet, and relaxation are what Meganissi is all about. Here you can spend your days relaxing on the pretty beaches and swimming in the clean, clear waters, or strolling through the narrow streets of tranquil villages soaking up the laid back atmosphere. To really experience all that the island has to offer, take a boat trip around the coast of the island to explore hidden coves, secluded beaches, and interesting caves.

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