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Holidays to Kefalonia


Try to picture the perfect Greek island getaway in your mind, and chances are you will conjure up an image of something along the lines of Kefalonia. This gorgeous gem of an island in the Ionian Sea boasts rugged mountains, impossibly white sandy beaches, glittering turquoise waters, and lush green forests. Here it is easy to forget about the stresses of everyday life, and slip into a world of sun, sea, sand, and relaxation.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Kefalonia

Even the fussiest of travellers cannot complain about the superlative beaches in Kefalonia. Myrtos Beach (pictured) is by far the most popular beach on the island for its long expanse of soft white sand sheltered by a wall of steep green cliffs, and its incredibly clean, cobalt-hued waters. For a tranquil day by the sea, head to Xi, where it is easy to find a private spot all to yourself on the sand. Another option is to hire a boat to explore the many hidden coves along the coast of the island.

Mirtos beach at Kefalonia island in Greece

Visitors on a holiday to Kefalonia can also visit two intriguing caves on the island. The Drogarati Cave is a sight not to be missed for its massive chambers and oddly shaped stalactites and stalagmites that gleam when lights reflect off dripping water on the formations. Melissani Cave is a large underground lake that is illuminated by sunlight streaming through holes in the cavern walls. When the light hits the water, it creates an ethereal blue glow in the cave.

Besides beaches and caves, Kefalonia also offers a number of exciting activities for travellers of all ages. Horseback riding is popular here, as the countryside offers pleasant valleys, quaint villages, and lush vineyards to explore. The mountainous nature of the island makes this an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking, and quad touring. Moreover, the warm waters of the Ionian Sea are irresistible for those who enjoy scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, or snorkeling.

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