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Holidays to Samos


It is hard to visit the island of Samos and not be affected by the beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere. This lovely Greek island is home to pristine white sand beaches, soaring mountains, lush vineyards, picturesque villages, and interesting historical sites. Whether you are seeking a romantic seaside getaway, and fun filled beach holiday, or a taste of authentic Greek culture, Samos is sure to please.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Samos

It is easy to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors on a holiday to Samos. To start, the beaches are absolutely gorgeous here, with long sandy bays lapped by the gentle waves of the Aegean Sea. Gagkou Beach is popular with families and groups for its soft sands, calm waters, and numerous sun loungers and parasols for hire. Visitors can also explore the coast to discover secluded coves hidden behind cliffs and rocky outcroppings. For those who enjoy hiking and mountain biking, the two large mountains on the island offer plenty of scenic trails through lush forests and pleasant valleys.

Samos Holidays

Samos has a long history that stretches back to the Neolithic era. Over the centuries, the island was occupied by the Ionians, Persians, Romans, and Ottomans, and today visitors can see the legacy of these cultures in the architecture and archaeological sites around the island. The UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Temple of Hera and the Eupalinos Aqueduct are particularly interesting for their historical significance.

Visitors on a holiday to Samos should not miss out on a tour of the lovely vineyards that grace the slopes of the mountains. The warm weather and excellent soil conditions on Samos make the island ideal for growing muscat grapes, which are used to make the sweet dessert wine that Samos is famous for. Tours of the vineyards here include a history of wine making on Samos, visits through the vineyards, and wine tasting sessions.

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