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Holidays to Skiathos


If beautiful beaches are the key to your dreams of the ultimate holiday getaway, then Skiathos is the destination for you. With more than 60 beaches skirting the coast of this small island, your only problem will be deciding on which lovely stretch of sand to settle on for the day. And if you tire of debating which beach offers the best sun, sea, and sand, Skiathos also boasts rolling green hills, shady pine forests, scenic coastal trails, and lively dining and nightlife venues.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Skiathos

For most travellers on a holiday to Skiathos, it’s all about the gorgeous beaches. The south coast offers long stretches of sand sheltered by rocky headlands and cliffs. The waters here are clear and calm, and many of the beaches have tall pine trees that create welcome pockets of shade. Koukounaries Beach is often named the best beach on the island for its clean shallow waters and excellent facilities such as comfortable sun loungers and convenient beach bars and snack stalls.

View of the port in Skiathos island in Greece,

For a fascinating day trip, head to the ancient town of Kastro, built on top of a cliff overlooking the sea off the north coast of the island. This small town was built as a fortification against pirates, and at one time it had high walls surrounding the buildings and a retractable drawbridge to prevent enemies from entering. Today visitors can explore the ruins here, which include the remains of the old town walls, churches, and restored houses.

Another attractive draw to Skiathos is the abundance of authentic Greek cuisine on offer here. Visitors who explore the many restaurants and tavernas in Skiathos Town will find mouthwatering dishes such as grilled octopus, seasoned and skewered meats, and heaping platters of tzatziki, fresh pita bread, juicy olives, and tangy feta cheese. There are also many bars in the town where you can savour enticing cocktails and dance to live bands and DJs late into the night.

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