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Holidays to Thassos


It is hard to look at photos of Thassos and not get excited, especially when you realise that the pictures barely do the island justice. From pristine white sand beaches to pine-covered mountains, authentic Greek villages, and ancient archaeological sites, Thassos offers a wealth of sights and activities to travellers who grace its shores.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Thassos

Everywhere you turn on Thassos there seems to be a gorgeous beach just waiting to be explored. Paradise Beach is famous for its fine pale sands and transparent turquoise waters, which are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. If you are looking for some lively beach action, the long stretch of sand at Golden Beach has everything you need and more, including sun loungers, parasols, restaurants, and bars. For those looking for a bit of
peace and seclusion, Hara Beach is just one of Thasso’s many isolated coves with soft golden sands, fragrant pine trees, and calm, shallow waters.

Thassos Holidays

Thassos also boasts a rich history that stretches back to about 2,000 BC. Today, visitors on a holiday to Thassos can explore many fascinating historical sites scattered throughout the island. A good starting point is the capital city of Thassos, or Limenas, which was first settled thousands of years ago. Here you can tour the ruins of the ancient market, intriguing temples, a theatre, and the Acropolis. There is also an informative museum where with many artifacts, statues, and coins from eras gone by.

Eating in Thassos is a treat, as there are many restaurants, tavernas, and bars that serve delicious and fresh traditional Greek cuisine, as well as international dishes. For a true taste of the Greek isles, head to the west coast of the island, where you can find small seaside villages with traditional tavernas serving up divine seafood, hearty meat stews, and exquisite local wines. After the sun goes down, Limenas and Potos offer plenty of inviting bars where you can have a few drinks with good company.

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