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Holidays to Thessaloniki


Travellers looking for a holiday packed with culture, history, and arts should head to Thessaloniki, also known as Greece’s coolest city. Here you can find centuries old churches and fortresses sharing the pavement with chic boutiques and stylish cafes, restaurants and bars. Moreover, the sheer volume of cultural events and festivals that take place here mean you will never run out of things to do on a holiday to Thessaloniki.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Thessaloniki

Travellers with a passion for history will find much to entertain in Thessaloniki. The city has been inhabited for over 3,000 years, and today visitors can still see the remains of the ancient city walls, medieval churches, and palaces in the city. The 16th century White Tower (pictured) is the city’s iconic landmark, and is a popular historic attraction, along with the Roman Forum and the Byzantine Citadel. There are also many museums in Thessaloniki where you can learn more about the city’s fascinating past.

Thessaloniki Holidays

If modern day happenings are more your style, Thessaloniki will not disappoint. The city is home to many venues that offer theatre performances, operas, concerts, and festivals year round. Popular annual events include the Thessaloniki Film Festival, the DMC DJ Championship, and the International Festival of Photography. In addition, Thessaloniki has a thriving dining and nightlife scene, with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and bars serving up the latest trends in gourmet meals and cocktails.

Although Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, it is still easy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air here. Visitors on a holiday to Thessaloniki can stroll through the parks along the Nea Paralia, or the waterfront, explore the long sandy beaches that stretch for 10 kilometres down the coast, or head to Seich Sou just outside of the city to hike or mountain bike on the clearly marked, scenic trails through the forest.

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