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Holidays to Cefalu


Spend just one day in Cefalu and you will soon see why this is one of the top holiday destinations in Sicily. Nestled between the rugged Madonie mountains and the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Cefalu is awash in red-roofed houses, ancient medieval streets, and fabulous shops, restaurants, and bars. If you like a bit of history and scenery on your seaside holiday, Cefalu is the spot to be.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Cefalu

Days in Cefalu are all about lazing on the soft golden sand at the beach. The wide bay here is the perfect place to kick back and work on your tan, nap on a beach chair in the shade of an umbrella, or cool off in the sea. Lungomare is the main beach, and very popular with families, as the sand is clean and soft and there are many lifeguards on duty. If surfing is more your style, you can head to the quieter and windier beach of Capo Playa, just 6 kilometres away.

Cefalu Holidays

Cefalu is also famous for its ancient buildings and archaeological sites. Visit the 12th century cathedral in the centre of the city to see the elegant arches and towers and beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Visitors on a holiday to Cefalu should also make a trip to see the Temple of Diana, located on a massive rock that looms over the city. At the top of the rock you can also see the ruins of ancient fortifications as well as sweeping views over Cefalu and the bay.

One of the best things to do in Cefalu is relax on a terrace next to the waterfront, savouring fabulous Sicilian food and drink. Tuck into a bowl of flavourful pasta, made with fresh prawns, mussels, and tomatoes, sample the catch of the day, lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, or linger over a silky chocolate cake and espresso. After dark, the waterfront comes to life with enticing pubs and bars that offer great music, drinks, and crowds.

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