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Portugal Regions

Portugal Holidays


Located southwest of Spain along the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a thriving, progressive country of 10 million that is rich in culture, history and traditions. Portuguese is the official language here, however, in many tourist regions English is also spoken. As a member of the Eurozone, the Euro is used and all major credit cards are widely accepted.

As with the UK, Portugal is in the Western European Time Zone (WET) and daylight savings time is observed. Most flights between the UK and Portugal range between 2-4 hours; for example, a direct flight from London to Lisbon takes about 2h 15 minutes while London to Azores is a 2600 km, 3h 22 minute flight.

A Beach in the Algarve, Portugal


Portugal is divided into 8 regions including the islands of Acores and Maderia. This area is a UNESCO world heritage site and the westernmost point of mainland Portugal. It is home to a tremendous variety of unique wildlife including reptiles, insects and mammals, making this a great area for naturalists to explore.

The northern and central coastal regions include Costa Verde, Costa de Prata and Costa de Lisboa, home to Lisbon, Europe´s second-oldest capital city. Holidaymakers here can explore attractions like the millennium-old St. Georges Castle and the Lisbon Aqueduct, or head to one of the cities beaches including Guincho, Meco and Portinho Da Arrabida.

In the south, the Algarve coastal region is dotted with quaint historic villages and luxurious villas. This region features a warm year-round climate, world-class golf courses and expansive ocean beaches and resorts, making this a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Tower Belem in Portugal


The year-round climate throughout Portugal is mild, with August being the warmest month with average temperatures of 28 degrees and the winter months of January and February averaging about 8 degrees. Precipitation is generally moderate; January usually receives up to 111 mm of rain over 15 days whereas July is the driest month, averaging about 3mm of rain.

Cost of visiting Portugal


A Portugal holiday is widely regarded as being very affordable, thanks to the low cost of transportation, restaurant meals and attractions. Here are the prices of some common items in Portugal:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £0.94
Bottle of Water £0.46
Pint of Beer £1.42
Bottle of Wine £3.18

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