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Holidays to Madeira


There are many reasons why the Madeira archipelago in Portugal is one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. These beautiful volcanic islands consist of stunning mountains, lush forests, pristine white beaches, and dynamic towns and cities. After just one visit, it is easy to see why travellers have been drawn back here year after year since the 15th century.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Madeira

To get a real feeling for all that Madeira has to offer, start your holiday in the capital city of Funchal (pictured). The port here is said to be one of the prettiest in the world, as whitewashed houses spill down from the mountains and onto the steep cliffs that overlook the cobalt waters of the harbour.Madeira Holidays
Here visitors will find stylish shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars, incredibly scenic nature walks along the coast and the interior of the island, and plenty of exciting sports on land and in the water.

For those who prefer to soak up the sun on a tranquil beach, Porto Santo is the place to be. This small island has escaped mass development, which makes it a particularly peaceful and naturally stunning holiday destination. Settle in on the fine white sand, cool off with a refreshing dip in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, walk or cycle scenic coastal trails, or enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner at a pleasant cafe or restaurant in the charming town on the island.

Madeira is famous for its food and wine, and for good reason. Seafood is in abundance here, so many dishes consist of fresh fish, mussels, octopus, and prawns. Grilled meats and stews are also popular in Madeira, as are tasty breads, local fruits and vegetables such as beans, potatoes, pumpkin, and tomatoes, and sweet cakes and cookies. Madeira fortified wine is renowned around the world for being robust, fruity, and sweet. There is also an excellent dry version that is crisp and light.

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