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Romania Holidays


The Antheneum in Romania

Travellers who embark on Romania holidays will not be disappointed with the incredible natural scenery, historic castles, churches, and fortresses, and modern European cities here. This is a country that boasts both the fast-paced city lifestyle and traditional countryside villages that seem as though they have not changed for centuries. Romania is just a 2 to 3 hour flight from the UK, and the time difference is 2 hours ahead of GMT. The currency in Romania is the Romanian leu.


The most famous region in Romania by far is Transylvania. This massive area in central Romania features thick pine forests, snow-capped mountains, and an incredible amount of medieval castles, fortified churches, and quaint villages. Bran Castle is the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and a stunning collection of towers and turrets that looms over the valley from its perch on craggy cliff.

For those who enjoy a bit of sun and sea on their Romania holidays, the Black Sea coast particularly beautiful for its sandy beaches and deep blue waters. Here you can find a wide range of resort accommodation to suit singles, couples, families, and groups. The resorts of Neptun, Venus, Mamaia, Constanta, and Mangalia are particularly popular.

The capital city of Bucharest is also worth a visit for its medieval buildings, interesting monuments and museums, and trendy cafes, bistros, jazz bars, and nightclubs. The city also features a number of pleasant parks that are excellent places to do some people watching and enjoy the fresh air.

A Beach in Romania


Romania experiences four distinct seasons, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters. The mountains see heavy snowfall in the winter, making this a great place to do some skiing or snowboarding. The average temperature in Bucharest in the summer is 28 degrees Celsius, and during the winter temperatures hover around 8 degrees.

Cost of visiting Romania


Romania can be very cheap for food and drink, although accommodation prices are gradually rising. The following are some standard prices for goods in Romania:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £0.39
Bottle of Water £0.52
Pint of Beer £0.74
Bottle of Wine £2.48

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