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Holidays to The Black Sea


Romania’s Black Sea Coast stretches for 275 kilometres along the eastern edge of the country, and is often referred to as the “Romanian Riviera” for its beautiful beaches, pleasant seaside promenades, and calm blue waters. The Black Sea Coast is also home to a mix of small fishing villages, ancient archaeological sites, historic monuments, and modern beach resorts. Travellers on a holiday to the Black Sea Coast in Romania can opt for a luxurious hotel next to lively restaurants and nightclubs or a simple tent on the sands of a small seaside village. There is something to suit every taste in this picturesque region of Romania.

Black Sea Beach

Black Sea Activities

The most popular seaside resort in Romania is Mamaia in the north of Constanta. Every summer the golden sands of the beach get packed with holiday makers from all over Europe who come to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand here. Travellers will find a wide variety of hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars in Mamaia. In addition, this is the site of the National Pop Music Festival every September

Constanta is another popular destination for holiday makers because of its excellent beaches and interesting historical sites. The city was founded in 600 BC, and visitors can still see the remains of ancient Roman structures, Italian statues, an Ottoman mosque, and the attractive casino decked out in Art Nouveau decor.

For a less touristy destination with a laid back atmosphere, Vama Veche is a small beachside village that is off the major tourist trail. Here people of all ages pitch tents on the beach or stay in the small guesthouses in town. On weekends during the summer months it is easy to find parties on the beach that last all night long and restaurants and bars that never close.

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