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Holidays to Moraira


Moraira is a pleasant break from some of the more developed resorts on the Costa Brava. Despite its enviable position on the golden sands and deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the town has managed to retain some of its traditional Spanish fishing village atmosphere. The resort planners have banned skyscrapers and work to protect the pine forests that blanket the hills surrounding the resort. It is for this reason that Moraira is a pleasant and peaceful holiday destination with incredible natural beauty and authentic Spanish restaurants, bars, and hotels.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Moraira

Moraira is spread out along 8 kilometres of coastline, and has many rocky coves and sandy bays that are perfect for an afternoon of sun, sea, and sand. The peaceful nature of the resort means that the beaches do not get particularly crowded, which is perfect for visitors who come to Moraira for some relaxation and privacy. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy the fresh air at one of the golf courses, on a mountain bike trail through the hills, or on a leisurely horseback ride through the forest.

Moraira holidays

In the not so distant past Moraira was a small fishing village, and that tradition can still be seen today in the busy port and fish market, as well as the many restaurants that serve succulent seafood dishes steamed, grilled, or roasted to perfection. Moraira also has several restaurants that serve delicious Catalan cuisine, including grilled and roasted meats, fresh local produce, and savoury cakes called cocas that are topped with tasty ingredients such as anchovies and tomatoes.

Visitors on a holiday to Moraira will also find plenty of delicious Spanish wine here. The hillsides overlooking the resort have the ideal conditions for growing Muscatel grapes. For an interesting day trip, guests can visit one of the many vineyards to see where the grapes grow, how the wine is made, and even sample the finished product straight from the source.

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