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Holidays to La Gomera


The small island of La Gomera has been seducing travellers for centuries with its stunning beaches, impressive volcanic slopes blanketed in lush greenery, and quaint villages sheltered in tranquil valleys. Here visitors can spend the days swimming in the aquamarine waters, hiking through pristine forests, or taking a boat trip to see the dramatic cliffs of the island from the ocean. For those looking for a holiday filled with fresh air, sun, and natural beauty, La Gomera is a clear winner.

La Gomera holidays

What to see and do on a Holiday to La Gomera

The biggest draws for many travellers on a holiday to La Gomera are the incredible gold and black sand beaches that fringe the island. No matter where you stay on the island, you are never far from soft sands, gentle waves, and secluded coves. Scuba diving is very popular as the waters are teeming with fascinating marine life such as sea sponges, clown fish, stingrays, and crabs. Many people on a holiday here also join boat trips to view dolphins and whales off the coast.

A holiday to La Gomera would not be complete without at least one trip up the mountain of Garajonay. The steep slopes of Garajonay are lined with scenic hiking trails for people of all fitness levels. As you ascend higher, the air becomes cooler, the dense forests become shrouded in mist, and there are a wide range of unique flora and fauna on display that can only be found on La Gomera. In addition, certain points on the mountain offer incredible views over the island and out to the Atlantic Ocean.

La Gomera also offers a number of picturesque villages that make for a great day trip. La Calera is a favourite with tourists for its pretty whitewashed houses spilling down the slopes of a mountain and its inviting bars and restaurants that serve authentic Canary Island cuisine. Valle Gran Rey is another top destination for its lovely gardens and beautiful black sand beach. The ideal location on the west coast of the island makes this town the perfect spot to watch the sun setting over the ocean in an explosion of brilliant red, pink, and orange hues.

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