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Holidays to La Palma


The alluring island of La Palma is a nature lovers dream with its volcanic peaks, verdant forests, beautiful black sand beaches, and deep canyons and gorges. The volcanic soil also makes the island the ideal spot to sample incredibly fresh local produce and enticing wines. Travellers who like to get outside and enjoy clean air, bright sunshine, and breathtaking scenery will be spoiled for choices in stunning La Palma.

What to see and do on a Holiday to La Palma

Hiking is huge in La Palma, as the entire island is made up of steep mountains and rolling green hills. One of the best trails to explore is the Ruta de los Volcanos, which makes its way across the spine of the island past cone shaped mountains and undulating hardened lava flows. For incredible views across La Palma and out to the Atlantic Ocean, El Roque de los Muchachos is a must-visit destination. This is the highest point on the island, and home to many international observatories (pictured) as well as a fascinating massive caldera.

Another major draw for travellers on a holiday to La Palma is the excellent and varied selection of dining options. In every village and city on the island it is easy to find inviting cafes and restaurants that serve delicious Canarian cuisine made with vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meats grown and prepared locally on the island. Popular dishes include hearty goat stew, spicy chorizo sausages, creamy cheeses, and sweet oranges, bananas, and figs.

La Palma Holidays

La Palma is also famous for its superlative wines, in particular, the sweet and refreshing Malvasia white dessert wine. There are many bodegas scattered across the island where visitors can tour picturesque vineyards with heavily laden grape vines bathed in the aroma of the rich volcanic soil. Most bodega tours include a wine tasting, and some even have restaurants on site for food and wine pairing.

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