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St Lucia Holidays


Tourists will find St. Lucia in the eastern Caribbean, north west of Barbados. Travellers from the United Kingdom will note that there is a five-hour time difference, with St Lucia being five hours behind UK time. The currency used is the East Caribbean dollar (EC$). Direct flights to and from the island from the United Kingdom will take approximately eight hours and forty-five minutes.

Petit Pitons, and Gros Pitons of St. Lucia


The capital of St. Lucia is Castries, located to the north west and hosting an airport. Vieaux Fort is found on the very south of the island, and another airport can be found there as well. The western coast near Vieaux Fort is often considered to be the best place for wind and kite-surfing. One place of interest when it comes to visiting is Soufriere, St. Lucia’s oldest town. It is just under twelve miles from Castrie itself. Other places of interest are Rodney Bay Marina, Pigeon Island and Grand Anse which is a nesting place for the leather back turtle, a currently-endangered species. At Cap Estate, the site of an old sugar plantation, there are a number of fine rental villas available. This is often considered to be one of the more popular places to stay when visiting the island. Overall, St. Lucia offers tourists a unique variation of activities. Whether looking to relax or actively participate in a number of events, there is something for all members of the family.

Pigeon Island National Park in St Lucia


St. Lucia is located in the tropical zone of the Caribbean. June to November is what is known as the rainy season, and from December until June the dry season prevails. Holiday-makers will experience daily temperatures of around 29 degrees Celsius, and nightly temperatures of eighteen degrees Celsius.

Cost of visiting St. Lucia


When going on holiday, many tourists will want to know what the cost of living is and how it will affect their pockets. For travellers from the United Kingdom, the currency exchange works out fairly well and therefore holiday-makers will experience low, reasonable prices. Included are a few examples.

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £0.43
Bottle of Water £0.72
Pint of Beer £0.60
Bottle of Wine £2.00

With low prices, a wonderful yearly climate and host of places to visit, tourists will certainly have the holiday of a lifetime. Start booking flights now with FlySearch to get a fill of sun, sand and culture. There is no excuse not to.

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