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Located in Western Europe between Germany, France, Italy and Austria, Switzerland is a progressive, prosperous country that is filled with snow-capped mountains, modern cities and lush green valleys. Most Swiss are multi-lingual and are fluent in English, French and German. The Swiss Franc is the official currency, however, many retailers and attractions also accept the Euro along with all major bank cards.

Switzerland follows Central European Time, which is one hour ahead of UK time. Depending on the destination, direct flights from London Heathrow to Switzerland (Geneva) take about one hour, while London to Bern is a one hour, ten minute flight.

Matterhorn is Switzerland


Switzerland is home to a dozen UNESCO biospheres and world heritage sites, making this county a virtual treasure trove of both natural and man-made wonders. The cities of Geneva, Bern and Montreux are filled with up-scale shopping malls, world-class nightclubs and fine dining establishments. Zurich is home to over 50 museums, including the modernist Kunsthaus Zurich and the massive Swiss National Museum

To experience the famous Swiss Alps, take the Cogwheel train in Wilderswil, the Titlis-Rotair revolving gondola in Engelberg or hike the mountain trails of the Schwarzsee region. For a unique Swiss holiday, visit Zermatt, a quaint car-free town at the foot of the infamous Matterhorn, home to Europe’s biggest year-round skiing resort.


The weather in Switzerland varies significantly between regions, with the western part of the country receiving the most rain, while the areas north of the Alps are generally dry, windy and warm. In Geneva, the summertime (July & August) average temperature range is 18 to 28 degrees, while during the winter months of January and February the temperature varies from -2 to 7 degrees. Mountainous areas experience the greatest temperature ranges, with cold, snowy winters and warm summers.

Lake Geneva in Switzerland


The cost of a Switzerland holiday varies significantly based on where holidaymakers stay and the types of activities and attractions they choose. Many travellers opt to rent a self-catering hotel, providing them with the option to purchase food and drink from the local market. Here are some sample prices, in Euros, of staple food and beverage items in Switzerland:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £1.86
Bottle of Water £0.79
Pint of Beer £1.09
Bottle of Wine £8.58

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