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Holidays to Northern Thailand


While the beaches of southern Thailand may feature on the front page of most tourist brochures to the country, there is something to be said for the magical north. Northern Thailand is awash in beautiful mountains, lush green valleys, dense jungles, ancient cities, and traditional villages. This is a fascinating region to explore, as the spectacular scenery and colourful culture will simply take your breath away.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is the most popular destination in the north, and for good reason. This was once the ancient capital of the Lanna kingdom, and is a great place to see historic fortifications, palaces, and temples. Wat Doi Phrathat Suthep is a stunning example of Buddhist architecture with its golden statues, ornate wooden doors, and colourful altars. The temple rests high on a hill overlooking the valley below, so it is a great place for incredible views.

Northern Thailand Holidays

Another popular hotspot for travellers on a holiday to northern Thailand is Chiang Rai. This laid back city is a great base for treks into the mountains to visit authentic hill tribe villages. Visitors to Chiang Rai can also do some rock climbing, tour national parks to see stunning waterfalls, and take leisurely boat rides down picturesque rivers. For fresh air and natural beauty, Chiang Rai cannot be beat.

Northern Thailand is also famous for its incredibly diverse cuisine. The food here is influenced by many different cultures, including Myanmar, China, and Laos, and visitors can head to the many lively markets and food stalls in the cities here to try a wide range of dishes. Some popular choices include hot and sour soups, spicy salads made with minced meat, chillies, and onions, aromatic curries, and flavourful grilled sausages.

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