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Tunisia is a sun worshippers dream, with sparkling white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and plenty of comfortable resorts next to the sea. However, outside the resort the vast Sahara desert, fascinating historical towns, and unique natural sights are waiting for intrepid travellers on Tunisia holidays. Tunisia is just a 2 to 3 hour flight from London, and there is no time difference except during daylight savings time when Tunisia is one hour behind the UK. The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar.

View from a Dock in Djerba, Tunisia


Tunisia is a great destination for Europeans looking for affordable package deals. The coastal regions in the north and the east of the country are especially popular with people of all ages. Visitors can stay on the island of Djerba and rent a bicycle to tour the quiet roads that make their way past beaches, colourful markets, and peaceful meadows. Sousse and Monastri are also popular with tourists for their stunning beaches, laid-back atmospheres, and historic architecture.

Travellers who want to get off the beaten path can head outside of the resort towns to see incredible natural beauty. Matmata is an interesting town in the south of Tunisia with homes and hotels carved out of the rocks and in caves. El Kef is a small mountainside town with many ancient fortresses and authentic North African culture. The large mesa of Jugurtha’s Table is a short drive away from Ell Kef, and it makes for an interesting day trip for its bizarre rock formations. Douz is a great jumping off point for desert treks in the Sahara. Visitors can arrange camel rides, motorbike tours, or 4×4 trips from here.

A Beach in Tunisia


Tunisia is generally very sunny and warm. Summers can be quite dry and hot, and winters are mild and wet. January and December are the wettest months. The south of Tunisia marks the beginning of the Saharan Desert, so it is very hot and arid. Average temperature in the north range between 32 degrees in the summer and 7 degrees in the winter.

Cost of visiting Tunisia


The cost of living in Tunisia is quite low, so travellers on Tunisia holidays will find great deals on food and drink. The following are some standard prices for goods in Tunisia:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £0.24
Bottle of Water £0.20
Pint of Beer £1.20
Bottle of Wine £3.87

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