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Turkey Holidays


Turkey is where the west and the east meet, and as such, it is a great place for travellers to explore. Travellers who book Turkey holidays can explore ancient ruins, relax on beautiful beaches, or party until the sun comes up in resort towns and modern cities. Turkey is just a 3 to 4 hour flight from London, and the time difference is 2 hours ahead of GMT. The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira.

The Clock Tower at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul


Many Turkey holidays start with a visit to Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey. Istanbul is an incredible mix of old and new. There are ancient churches, mosques, and bath houses, as well as up-and-coming art galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars. Visitors will not want to miss a trip to a frenetic bazaar, where you can buy everything from carpets to spices to leather goods.

For travellers who like to party, Bodrum is the place to be. Every summer this beachside resort fills up with travellers from around the world looking to take in some sun, sea, and sand by day and party by night. There are many trendy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs along the beach where the music is good, the drinks are cold, and the energy is high. In addition, there are Roman ruins close by and plenty of water sports to keep you moving.

Archaeological buffs could spend a lifetime in Turkey and not see all of the ruins, fortresses, palaces, and religious monuments scattered across the country. Some particularly interesting sites include the tombs of Lycia, the Cappadocian cave houses, and the cliff side Sumela Monastery.

Cleopatra Island in Turkey


The weather in Turkey varies depending on the region. Istanbul experiences hot and humid summers, and cool and wet winters and occasional snowfall. The average temperature in Instanbul ranges between 28 degrees Celsius in the summer and 2 degrees in the winter. The spring and summer are the best times to visit most areas in Turkey as it is dry and sunny during this time.

Cost of visiting Turkey


Visitors from the UK will find prices in Turkey to be very reasonable. The following are some standard prices for goods in Turkey:

Item Price
Loaf of Bread £0.35
Bottle of Water £0.32
Pint of Beer £1.78
Bottle of Wine £7.23

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