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Holidays to Dalyan


The unique environment of Dalyan is what has saved it from becoming just another bustling tourist resort along the southwestern coast of Turkey. Besides lovely rivers, lakes, and historical monuments, this small town rests next to beaches that are prime breeding grounds for endangered loggerhead turtles. When developers wanted to build a luxury resort nearby, protesters managed to halt the project in the name of the turtles. Today, Dalyan is a peaceful and scenic holiday destination known for its natural beauty and tranquillity.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Dalyan

Nature lovers cannot help but love Dalyan, with its winding river that snakes past cliffs and through tall reeds, its wetlands with many interesting birds and fish, and its sandy coastline that is home to golden sands and populations of both loggerhead turtles and green turtles. Visitors on a holiday to Dalyan can take boat trips through the marshlands and visit Iztuzu Beach for some sunbathing and swimming in this gorgeous protected area.

Dalyan holidays

The historical significance of this area is another draw to Dalyan. The ancient city of Caunos lies just a few kilometres west of the resort, and is a popular excursion for travellers. Archaeological finds here date back to the 9th century BC, and include a Roman theatre and baths, the Temple of Apollo, and an impressive Acropolis on a rock above the city. Visitors can also explore the magnificent Lycian tombs in the cliffs behind Dalyan.

Holidays in Dalyan are really about relaxing in a stunning setting. For the ultimate rejuvenating experience, head to the mud baths of Ihca and Sultaniye for a therapeutic soak. Spend lazy afternoons on the sands at the beach, or sipping delicious Turkish coffee at a cosy cafe. In the evening, the Dalyan river front comes alive with tempting bars and restaurants serving divine Turkish cuisine such as shish kebabs, grilled octopus, and tasty dips with flat bread.

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