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Holidays to Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities in the world for its heady mix of Eastern and Western culture, and modern and historical sights. This is where Asia and Europe meet, and the result is a fabulous array of ancient churches, palaces, and mosques, exotic shops and bazaars, and stylish cafes, restaurants and bars. There truly is no end to the things to see and do on a holiday to Istanbul.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Istanbul

There are many famous attractions in Istanbul that simply should not be missed. The Hagia Sophia is a great example of the melting pot of cultures that settled in Istanbul over the years. Built in the 4th century as a Byzantine cathedral, this impressive domed sanctuary was converted into an Ottoman mosque, and eventually a museum. Today, visitors can tour the galleries with their gorgeous marble floors and pillars, and glittering mosaics. The Blue Mosque is another must-see attraction for its thousands of handmade tiles and stained glass windows that cover the ceiling, walls, and floor of this turreted and domed structure.

Istanbul Holidays

If you want to do as the locals do on a holiday to Istanbul, stop into a narghile cafe, where you can try out a traditional Turkish water pipe. You can sample many different flavours of tobacco as you sip tea and chat with the locals in these laid back and social cafes. After you have had your fill of conversation, head to the Grand Bazaar to haggle over goods such as spices, rugs, jewellery, and clothing. Don’t miss out on a visit to a hamam, or Turkish bath, for a reviving body scrub and soothing massage.

In recent years, Istanbul has earned its claim to fame as one of Europe’s premier dining and drinking cities, with fresh and tasty street food, small family-run restaurants, stylish eateries, and pulsating bars and nightclubs. Start the evening with a seafood dinner on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, hit up a meyhane, or traditional tavern, and sample a glass of powerful raki, and end the night dancing and socializing at a packed nightclub.

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