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Looking for a Great Value Holiday?

When planning a holiday, budget is one of the first things that most people consider. Your budget is the deciding factor for where you will go, and what you will be able to do on your holiday. FlySearch has some great options for those looking for good value holidays.

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Spain has become one of the top places to go for a good value holiday. Costa del Sol offers white sandy beaches, fantastic nightlife and multiple golf courses to enjoy. Resorts in the area are perfect for the whole family. Costa Brava is another favorite and is known for its natural beauty. With gorgeous beaches, wild night life, cultural experiences and fascinating marine life this is a fantastic holiday location for the whole family.

The Canary Islands are another top choice for an inexpensive holiday. With everything from tropical beaches to snow capped volcanoes, the Canary Islands has it all. The local nightlife is also fantastic, making this a holiday destination that everyone can enjoy.

For something a bit further from home, Cancun, The Dominican Republic and Mexico are also popular destination. Many of the resorts in these areas offer all inclusive holidays, making them a great value. Pristine beaches line the coasts, while beautiful inland excursions offer hiking and insight in Central American culture.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Budget

  • Always shop around for the best deal. You never know what else is out there, so do not book the first thing you see. Use FlySearch to search for the best good value holidays available.
  • Do not rush into purchasing travel insurance or currency either. Shop around for the best price, and try to book in advance.
  • Research the destination to maximize spending money. Check the exchange rate to know how much things will cost. See how much food and drinks will cost, and be sure to budget for these. You could also choose an all inclusive holiday, so that food and drinks are not a concern.


FlySearch offers a service that searches a variety of different good value holidays. It is easy to use, and we search all kinds of destinations to meet any budget. Let FlySearch do all the searching for you. Use our search today and start planning the holiday you always wanted on a budget that you can afford.

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